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When you have a scar, you may feel that it detracts from your appearance. Scar therapy helps to treat our patients’ scars by either using a laser treatment or with silicone sheeting. This can both treat and prevent scars.

Topical Scar Therapy
Topical Scar Therapy is a method that has been proven to minimize scars and is some form of silicone sheeting. There are different forms that the silicone comes in, including creams, liquid and tapes. For scars that are smaller, there are some products in the pharmacy that you may be able to use.

Curad®, Neosporin®, and a few other companies offer products that can be used for liposuction scars or scars from breast augmentation. Mepiform is a great choice for people who have scars from a tummy tuck or breast reduction procedure. Mepiform is a thin, self-adhesive and flexible silicone gel sheet that can easily and comfortably be worn under your clothes. It works by softening and flattening your scars and making them look smaller and lighter.

Once you have had a cosmetic surgery procedure, Mepiform can be ordered at any point, but it would be best to use it 6-8 weeks following your procedure. Your physician will let you know when you should be using it.

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