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Beautiful, well-positioned, and elegant nipples are an important goal for women looking to achieve a beautiful breast appearance. If you are not happy with the appearance of your nipples or the dark skin around them (the areola), you should take the time to learn more about nipple repair surgery at our Chicago cosmetic surgery practice. Dr. Patel understands how the nipple area of a woman’s anatomy can have a big impact on her satisfaction with her breasts. Our specialized team have experience in improving the aesthetics of the nipple and take this job seriously. Nipple repair correction can also be done as part of another breast enhancement procedure.

Conditions that nipple surgery can correct
Inverted Nipples
Many women have nipples that are inverted intermittently or constantly. It is often a source of concern and self consciousness.
Inverted nipples are caused by tight and shortened breast duct tissue. The inverted nipples can be corrected surgically by the release of the foreshortened ducts, in many cases with minimally invasive technique. Correction of nipple inversion may be performed as an isolated procedure or in combination with other breast surgeries.

Long (floppy) Nipples
Many women have nipples that become long, dark and sometimes wide in girth. This can be a result of prolonged breast feeding or can be part of normal development of the breast. This can be associated with normal breasts or sometimes with droopy breasts with wider areola (brown).
The condition is far more common in Asian women. It is not a painful condition but seems to become an issue in women who wish to undergo breast augmentation as the nipples become very obvious.

Nipple surgery is performed in the fully accredited surgical facility, most often requiring local anesthesia only.

Recovery from nipple surgery is rapid and return to work is often within one to three days following surgery.
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