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A few of the main features that define the beauty of a person are the cheeks and chin. Well-defined facial features are coveted and are often a goal for many people. When you have prominent cheek bones and a strong chin, your face has beautiful definition and balance. These are also features that can boost your self-confidence. Before advances in technology, the only way people could to define their cheeks and chin was by using make-up.

Fortunately, modern technology offers people a safe and permanent way to fix their receding chin and provide them with beautiful, high cheekbones. Cheek implants (malar augmentation) and chin augmentation (mentoplasty) allow for people to have an attractive look that is very distinctive. Both of these procedures are also beneficial for people who have congenital defects or asymmetries.

A chin implant is usually recommended for patients who are going to have nose surgery, since it offers them better facial balance. Cheek implants are a wonderful option for patients 38-50 years old, since it can enhance the mid-facial contour and restore any mid-facial soft tissues that have started to sag. This can help to delay needing a facelift.

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