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Elegant legs are a distinctive feature of vitality, health and beauty. Many of our patients would say that wearing shorts and skirts is practically a requirement to enjoy the summer weather outside. At our medical practice, we believe that being physically active and participating in outdoor activities in long pants can be burdensome, if not confining and possibly depressing.

A thigh lift clears away excess fat, tightens the skin and re-contours the upper leg usually with hidden scars. This procedure can be mixed with other procedures like liposuction and tummy tuck. Most thigh lifts are operated on the inner thigh, but thigh lifts also can be performed on the outer thigh or included with a buttock lift.

Sometimes, you just can’t get rid of those unsightly fat pockets on your lower body even with proper diet and exercise. For those who have lost a large amount of weight, the skin can ripple, sag and fold in ways that cannot be cured except with surgery. Thigh lift cosmetic surgery may be a viable option for many women and men who find themselves in these situations.

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