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A feeling of looseness or decreased sexual pleasure can be a common frustration for women following childbirth, as pregnancy and the birthing process can permanently stretch out the muscles of the vaginal narrow, canal. On occasion, this may happen in women without a prior history of childbirth and may be related to long-lasting hip-related strain connected with (inability to have a bowel movement) or bearing down.

Vaginoplasty, often called vaginaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, making young again, or vaginal tightening, is a procedure that repairs lazy/careless internal muscles, and may increase sexual pleasure to help you feel like yourself again after pregnancy. For others, the increase in sexual friction (accomplished or gained with effort) through more direct contact of the (sex organs) during intercourse can improve one’s feelings of sexual emotional closeness.

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Am I a good candidate for vaginoplasty?
If you’ve became aware of reduced feeling/excited feeling during sex, or have a (constant/not going away) feeling of internal looseness, you may be a candidate for vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty can tighten the internal muscles of the vagina or the vaginal opening itself to decrease the visibility of sticking out tissue or an “open” appearance. Women with change in their bowel or (urine storage sac) habits ((poop-related) keeping/holding onto/remembering or stress urinary (inability to hold in urine and/or feces) or leaking) should discuss this with their urogynecologist first as this may require reconstructive procedures.

How much does vaginoplasty cost?
The price of vaginal rejuvenation changes depending on some different factors, such as whether you will be adding additional genital rejuvenation procedures. Surgical fees include the cost of the operating facility and pain-relief doctor fees as well as Dr. Patel’s surgical fee. Dr. Patel and his staff try to provide excellent value and can help you with cosmetic surgery financing to make your procedure even lower-priced.

Vaginoplasty Recovery Process
Plan to rest for the first few days after surgery. Stool softeners are highly recommended. You may become aware of some injuring (without bleeding) and swelling, both of which can be helped (to reduce) with the use of ice packs or oral medicine. Most women return to work and their daily commonly-done actions after 2 or 3 days, although sexual activity and tampon use should not resume for at least 6 weeks. Specific exercises such as vaginal (expanding/enlarging) and scar massage may be put into place during this period. You should also avoid baths, swimming and hot tubs during your recovery period.

What will sex be like after vaginoplasty?
While improving your sexual function is a first (or most important) goal of rejuvenation, it’s impossible to predict how different women will respond sexually after surgery. Usually, women report stronger, tighter muscle tone and increased feeling/excited feeling for both them and their partner. The effects of renewed self-confidence after surgery can also be a contributor to an improved sex life after surgery.

What are the risks?
Dr. Patel will discuss all possible risks, difficulties or side effects with you at your initial consultation at our office. Like any surgery, vaginoplasty carries a low chance of general risks such as bleeding, infection or a reaction to anesthesia. More serious difficulties are rare but still possible, and include concerns such as permanent changes in feeling/excited feeling.

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